Your Final Solution to a Discord Bot

What Is Base16?

Base16 is a bot that is aimed to add the features of all of your favorite bots in one. With it's unique prefix, you can run almost every command without having to worry about it competing with other bots; if it does, it's changeable! The bot has a great music feature, including a free queue command (with quick reading), but also the ability to listen to random songs (pulled from the Pandora database). It also has many other favorite features including JoinRoles and JoinMessages, and maybe some secrets here or there. Invite it today to check all this out, and more!


Dashboard - A easy to use, mobile friendly online dashboard.
Moderation - Moderation logs, banning, kicking, timed mutes.
Mention Detection - Detect mass mentions.
Spam Detection - Detect when a user sends the same message many times.
Messages - Also known as announcements
- Join / Leave Messages
- Join / Leave Roles
- Kick / Bans
- All of the above are optional to DM the user the message aswell!
AFK - The good ol' AFK system!
Music - Queues, playlists, and more!
Automated Music - Don't want to use queues? That's fine, here's a default list!
... and more!

How'd we come up with the name?

The name Base16 was based off of the Hexadecimal system, in the 16th Base (for you mathematitions). The bot's logo is the 9gag logo because we felt that the 9gag logo best represented the Hex-look, while still keeping a simple, streamlined image.