Your Final Solution To Discord Bots


Switching between IHeartRadio, YouTube, and then your favorite music playlist can be a lot of work. Not to mention you can't listen to them with your online friends at the same time. Pandora v7 is the solution to each of these problems and more. A very simple interface allows users to switch between stations with simplicity, without having to load anything other than a Discord voice channel. Hosted on a 1 GBPS connection, the bot is able ot load stations in under 2-5 seconds (not guarenteed). With very little downtime, you'll be able to enjoy a seamless connection without any interuptions (other than your friends, of course). We ALWAYS take your suggestions into consideration (unless it's some troll). If random song choices are not your preferred music method, you can use our simple queue system to queue up any song you can think of, including playlists. Available here, Discord Bots, Discord Bot List, Carbonitex, and


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